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2015 NNS - Dietary Survey Component (Household)

The Dietary Survey or Food Consumption Survey (FCS) component of the National Nutrition Survey (NNS) provides a direct measure of food consumption at the household and individual levels to determine actual food intake and adequacy of energy and nutrient intakes of Filipino households. The FCS provides data on dietary patterns of the population and reflects inadequate and excess energy and nutrient consumptions. Moreover, it proves better understanding on the effects of urbanization on the population’s food intake, nutritional status, and rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

In the 2015 Updating Survey, the Household Food Consumption Survey (HCFS) was included to provide end line data for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly on measuring the proportion of households meeting energy adequacy.

The household food consumption was presented in this survey as total household intake, not as mean per capita household intake in a day as was customary in the previous HFCS.